Monitoring head installation for mass flow meters

For best performance heads monitoring liquid media should be installed in the pipeline in accordance with the following conditions:

  • In the case of vertical pipelines the monitoring head should be installed where the flow is rising, if possible.
  • For horizontal pipelines the monitoring head should be mounted on the underside of the line (suspended).
  • The monitoring head should be installed only in a straight section of piping. There should be a distance of at least 20 pipe diameters before the monitoring head and 5 pipe diameters after the monitoring head before or after any bends and changes in pipe diameter, to avoid the effects of any turbulence conditions that they may cause.
  • Avoid installing either the monitoring head or control unit in known areas of high electrical inductance, capacitance, or high-frequency electromagnetic fields.
  • The surface of the shaft end must not be recessed below the inner pipe wall. Preferably the shaft surface of the CST monitoring head should project approx. 1-2 mm towards the pipe centre.
  • If the medium to be monitored is a gas, the mounting attitude of the monitoring head in either vertical or horizontal pipelines is unimportant.


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